Texarkana Gun Club Precision Rifle Challenge Returns March 31, 2018

The Texarkana Gun Club Precision Rifle Challenge is back by popular demand. The match will be on Saturday, March 31 on the TGC 600-yard range, you have to pre-register, see below for details.

  • Bolt Actions, Hunting Rifles, & ARs Allowed
  • Targets from 200-600 Yards
  • Calibers 223-300 Win Mag
  • 3200 FPS Muzzle Velocity Limit
  • Round Count – 40
  • Limited Slots Available – Pre-Registration Required

Match Details:

This match will consist of five separate stages. Shooters will be divided into groups, and each group
will shoot simultaneously on different stages. Four of the stages will be shot from shooter’s choice of
bench or prone. One stage will be a “field position” type stage fired from a barricade. Time limit for all
stages is 2.5 minutes. Bipods, sandbags, 2-piece front/rear rests will be allowed. One piece rests such as
lead sleds will not be allowed.

Shooters should show up with their rifles zeroed, and drop data out to 600 yards. Targets may be at ranges other than 100 yard increments. Shooters should bring a rifle in a caliber 223 up to 300 Win mag that is capable of reasonable accuracy, a scope that is easily adjustable for different ranges, and at least 40 rounds of ammo. 3200 fps maximum muzzle velocity.

Match check-in will start at 8:15 am. The match should begin by 9:00 am.

Targets will be steel plates of various shapes and sizes including circles, squares, and silhouettes.

You MUST pre-register for the match at the following link: Practiscore.com

Squads will be set the morning of the match. Ignore any squad related messages.
Payment will be due the morning of the match. The fee is $15 for club members, $20 for nonmembers.

Match and registration questions can be emailed to Cody Barrett at tgcbarrett@gmail.com
Shooters must obey all TGC range rules. This is a cold range. Bolts open and detachable magazines
removed at all times. If you don’t have a detachable magazine, the rifle must be unloaded with the bolt
open. Do not close the bolt, or load any firearms until you are on the firing line pointed down range.
Make sure your rifle is safe and clear with bolt open before showing up to the range.

Course of Fire: 

  • Stage 1 – Know Your Limit (KYL) plate rack at 500 yards. Bench or Prone – 6 Plates in descending
    size from 8”-3”. Shooters will fire one round per plate starting with the large plate, and move toward
    the smallest plate. A miss will result in the loss of all points accrued in the stage, and the shooter must
    start over with the large plate. Shooters may stop shooting when they feel they have reached their limit.
    Shooters may shoot a maximum of 12 rounds, or until time runs out. The smaller the plate, the more
    points are accrued. – 8 points for the largest plate. 18 points for the smallest plate. 78 Points max
  • Stage 2 – Bench or Prone – Surprise Stage – 6 Rounds
  • Stage 3 – Bench or Prone – 6 Rounds – 3 Plates at 3 different ranges between 200 and 600 yards.
    Ranges will be known distances and given at the match. Fire one round per plate near to far, hit or miss
    move to next target. Fire one round per plate far to near, hit or miss move to next target. 10 points per
    hit. Max 60 Points
  • Stage 4 – Rifleman’s Skills Barricade – 400 Yards – 8 Rounds – Fire 2 rounds from each of 4 different
    positions on the PRS style barricade. Positions are shooter’s choice, but must be 4 different positions.
    Prone not allowed. 10 points per hit. Shooting bags/pillows are allowed. Shooters with rifles holding
    less than 8 rounds are allowed to have a helper hand them ammo on this stage. Max 80 Points
  • Stage 5 – Bench or Prone – 8 Rounds – 4 plates at 4 different ranges between 200 and 600 yards.
    Ranges will be known distances and given at the match. Fire 2 rounds per target near to far, hit or miss,
    shooter moves to next target. 10 points for first round hits, 5 points for second round hits. 60 points

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