TGC News – Pistol Bay Reminder & Steel Targets on the Rifle Range

Great news “longish-range” shooters, there is now some steel to shoot at on the rifle range again.

Nothing quite like the sound of rounds down-range striking a steel plate. It’s kinda beautiful really… But this reminder about shooting the steel targets on the rifle range.

TGC - 200 yard target edit
TGC – 200 yard target edit
  • No armor piercing rounds… ever.
  • Maximum caliber for shooting steel is .308 at 100 yards minimum on the rifle range.
  • Club owned steel should never be shot with any center fire rifle in the pistol bays, unless under controlled match conditions and with rifles that use pistol calibers only.
  • You can use center fire rifles and shotguns in bay 4 only because of its depth. However, you cannot shoot any club-owned steel in bay 4 or any other pistol bay. Paper targets only in bay 4.

TGC - No center fire rifles in pistol bays sign

One more thing: The poppers are back in Bay1. Please read the sign above, again.

This is your club, but if we catch you mistreating it, it won’t be.

Thank you.