Club News For November, 2017

TGC - 200 yard Rifle Range

Lots of great things are happening at your Texarkana Gun Club!


First up the bays are looking much better now that we had a little rain for the dozer work that needed to be done:

TGC - Dozer working on bays
TGC – Dozer working on bays


TGC Bay work
TGC Bay work


TGC - Bay finished
TGC – Bay finished


Second: The 600-yard rifle range dirt work contract has been awarded, work will begin very soon.

TGC - 600 yard range pre-dirt work
TGC – 600-yard range pre-dirt work



Thirdly: We have a new pistol bay! What was formerly known as the archery bay has been bermed up and is now a full-fledged pistol bay as well.

TGC - New Pistol Bay
TGC – New Pistol Bay


Your Club Prez, Jim Taylor tells us the 200-yard gongs are back up on the rifle range, clang away and have fun! remember, no armor piercing bullets, please.

TGC - 200 yard Rifle Range
TGC – 200 yard Rifle RangeTGC


That’s all for now!