TGC Precision Rifle Challenge – June 9, 2018 Match – Sign Up Now!

Texarkana Gun Club Precision Rifle Challenge – June 2018

June 9th, 2018 – TGC 600 Yard Range – Check-In 8:30 AM. Match begins at 9:00 AM

Pre-Registration Required: Email with your name, phone #, and rifle cartridge – A return email will be sent to you with your registration confirmation. Only 30 slots available!

Match Fee: $15 for Members & $20 for Non-Members due at match check-in

600 Yard Range will be closed the day before for range setup

All Hits Worth 1 Point – 2.5 Minute Time Limit on All Stages

30 Caliber Max – 223 thru 300 Win. Mag. – Maximum muzzle velocity 3200 fps.

No 1-piece rests (lead sleds) allowed

Round Count – 45 (Extra is Recommended in case of re-shoot)

Stage 1 – Barrel-Top-Pop – 8 Rounds – Shooters will engage 4 targets near to far with the rifle rested atop a plastic drum. A chair will be available. 2 rounds each target near to far, hit or miss, shooter moves to next target. Shooting bags allowed. Rear tripods are NOT allowed. 350, 450, 500, 600 yards

Stage 2 – Plate Rack with Confirmation Target – Bench or Prone – 15 Rounds Max. Shooters will engage a plate rack at 400 yards consisting of 6 plates in descending size from 8”-3”. After hitting the first plate, the shooter must hit a confirmation target at 600 yards in order to secure points for the previous 400-yard plate. Once confirmation target is hit, shooter will engage next smallest 400-yard plate and repeat. No points will be accrued until the confirmation target is hit for the previous 400-yard plate. Misses will not result in lost points.

Stage 3 – Rifleman’s Skills Barricade – 8 Rounds – Shooters will engage a 10” plate at 400 yards from 4 different positions on a PRS style barricade. Positions are shooter’s choice but must be 4 different positions. 2 rounds per position. Shooting bags allowed. Rear rests such as tripods are NOT allowed. Chairs NOT allowed.

Stage 4 – Shoot/No Shoot – Bench or Prone- 6 Rounds – Shooters will engage an IPSC target at 600 yards that is partially obscured by two “no shoot” IPSC targets. Hit is +1. Complete miss is +0. “No Shoot” is -1.

Stage 5 – 4 Down and Back – Bench or Prone – 8 Rounds – Shooters will fire one round at each target near to far, then one round per target far to near. Hit or miss, shooter moves to next target. 225, 300, 450, 600 yards