Plinker Plus Scores From Saturday, June 23

Here are your Plinker Plus scores from the match held Saturday, June 23, 2018.

A big THANKS to everyone who helped with the Plinker Plus Match today, scoring, putting up target frames, hauling target stands etc. it made the match go smoothly. Next month’s July match, we will do it all again except the bonus match will be “Foreign Military Rifle” from the bench at 100 yds. on an IPSC target. There will be two classes optics and iron sights. A vote was taken and sporterized foreign military rifles are acceptable. Please come out and shoot with us we have lots of fun, no high pressure, lots of camaraderie, and if you don’t have a firearm that fits a regular class we will make a class for you, or loan you one of ours!

David Wood
Match Director


Target .22 Class
1st W3825
2nd L2621
3rd G6013

Plinker .22 Class
1st H1171
2nd W3825
3rd G6013

AR15 Optic Class
1st L2621
2nd T1684
3rd D9320

Ar15 Iron Sight Class
1st W3825

.22 Pistol Optics Class
1st L2621
2nd G6013

.22 Pistol Iron sight Class
1st W3825
2nd H1171