Many Thanks for Their Hard Work On Our Range

This weekend some hard-working men did a lot of volunteer work at the range and they need to be recognised for what they have done.

Doug Rochelle and Robert Fuller worked on repairing the mover target in Bay 1 this weekend and got it done. It will now be available to use in upcoming USPSA matches again. Thank you guys, very much.

Thanks are also in order for the work of Glenn Taylor, Doug Rochelle, Jay Tucker and Kelly Murray this weekend as they have been finishing the new Ladies Only bathroom which is located on the opposite side of the metal building where the bathroom is now. The new ladies room will be ready for use by this coming Friday, July 21. Thanks guys, great job!

These same gentlemen also did some repair and clean up around the range this weekend and we can’t thank them enough for their dedication to the Texarkana Gun Club, but you can. You can by helping to please help us keep the range in good shape, don’t let the bays get nasty and simply pick up as you go please.

Below are two examples of nasty bays:

This would be a fine example of a clean bay:

With just a little effort we can keep our bays looking like the above example.

Please, and thank you.