Outlaw Multi-Gun Match



Ark-La-Tex Multi-Gun

Welcome to Arklatex Multi-gun Competition! We are committed to bringing the fun and excitement of practical Multi-gun matches to the Arklatex.

Multi-gun is a type of practical shooting that combines multiple firearm disciplines into one form of competition. Participants use a combination of rifle, pistol, and shotgun to complete stages that are designed to replicate a real-life environment. Want to put your gear and skills to the test and build proficiency in using your weapons systems? Competitive shooting is a great place for that!

It is our goal to make these matches as accessible to the average shooter/gun owner as possible. If you have a box-fed rifle, carbine, or pistol caliber carbine of any sort, a pistol with a retention holster, a shotgun of any action type, and a way to carry extra magazines and ammo, then your good to go! Of course, if you have previously competed in multi-gun/3-gun competitions, and have the oriented gear, bring it out! All skill levels are welcome to participate. You only need to be versed in firearms safety, understand the operation and function of your firearms, and be able to follow range and stage instructions.


The division a shooter competes in is determined by the equipment they use. Someone shooting a basic iron-sighted rifle will not be competing against someone using a rifle with dual optics. Overall scores are posted for the sake of interest. However, scoring only really matters within the division a particular shooter competes in.

These are the divisions will we use for our multi-gun matches. Please note that divisions may be added, removed, or modified as the need arises.

Practical: a rifle with iron sights or non-magnified optics only (rifle is allowed to have offset or co-witnessed irons with 1x optic). Pistol with iron-sights only. Shotgun with irons only, and capable of holding a maximum of nine rounds. The shotgun cannot be box-fed.

Practical Scope: A single magnified optic, fixed power or variable, is allowed on your rifle. This includes magnifiers used in conjunction with non-magnified optics (NOTE: magnifier does not have to remain on the rifle for all stages. However, use in any stage will place you in this division). Pistol with irons only. Shotgun with irons only, and capable of holding no more than 9 rounds. The shotgun cannot be box-fed.

Open: Little to no restrictions on optics and accessories allowed on all guns. The rifle may have multiple optics, i.e. magnified scope and offset red dot. Pistol may have optics. A shotgun of any action type, including box-fed, is allowed and may have optics.

Heavy Metal: .308/7.62 NATO rifle with 20 rounds or less, 12 gauge shotgun with 9 rounds or less, .45 pistol with 10 rounds or less. No magnified optics allowed.


It is every participant’s responsibility to ensure their firearm and ammunition meet the following requirements.

Rifles and PCCs: minimum caliber for rifles is .223/5.56 (5.45×39 is ok) with a maximum of .30 caliber. Pistol Caliber Carbines must be 9mm Luger or larger. No steel core, bi-metal jacketed, incendiary, or tracer ammunition is allowed. Use of restricted ammunition will result in match DQ. This is a safety and equipment damage issue. No exceptions will be made. Steel cartridge case ammo is OK.

Pistols: Minimum caliber is 9mm Luger. All pistols, regardless of caliber, will be scored as Minor power-factor.

Shotguns: all ammunition must be No.6 birdshot or smaller. The occasional buckshot and/or slug targets will be included (their inclusion in a match will be made in the match announcements). Absolutely no steel or non-lead shot may be used. All shot and slugs must be standard soft lead. No exceptions.


A match is not the place to find out if your equipment functions or not, or if your firearms are sighted in. Coming to a match unprepared is a sure way to have a bad time.

Before a match do the following:

1) Make sure your Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol all feed ammunition reliably from all of the feeding devices you are using. Make sure the ammunition you are using works reliably and groups decently. Do not switch brands of ammunition before a match without reconfirming zero and function.

2) Zero your rifle and know holdovers and bullet drop for it out to 300 yards. Know how high you need to aim at CQB distances to make a head shot to accommodate for sight offset.

3) Pattern your shotgun, and zero it for slugs. Expect occasional slug shots out to 25-50 yards. Know how slugs shoot in your shotgun. Make sure your shotgun loads are heavy enough to reliably knock down steel targets.

4) Be prepared to shoot your handgun from 0- 50 yards at varying sizes of targets.

5) Always Bring More ammunition than you need to a match. Always bring cleaning equipment and spare parts if you have them.

Skills you can practice:

1) Reloads from standing, kneeling, and prone.

2) Getting into shooting positions from standing, kneeling and prone.

3) Drawing your pistol

4) Going from port arms and low ready to on target.

5) Practice clearing malfunctions just in case your equipment doesn’t work 100%.

Remember, the goal is to have fun. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the match director.


Match Director contact: Roger Hand 903-490-1184, or visit AMGC on Facebook.