How To Become A Member of TGC

If you don’t know a member to sponsor you then please simply contact a club officer to start your membership process.

Club Applicants must be a member in good standing of the National Rifle Association prior to their application being presented to the club for membership vote.

Applicants for membership to the Texarkana Gun Club will:

  • Attend a first meeting to submit an application and any associated forms. (print, read and sign forms below)
  • Before the next regular meeting, the executive or membership committee will review the application and contact the club sponsor, employer and/or references.
  • The applicant will attend a second meeting to present the application to the club and voted on for membership.
  • Persons Exempt from the waiting period include: active/reserve U.S. military, active/reserve law enforcement officers, persons having a current Concealed Carry Handgun License.

Texarkana Gun Club has a club meeting every 4th Tuesday of the month at KC Hall on Waterall St. in Texarkana, TX at 6:30 pm, except the month of December.

If you have any questions, please contact an officer.

Steps To Join Texarkana Gun Club:

  1. Join the NRA, call 1-877-NRA-2000 or visit this link: NRA
  2. Download, Read & Sign TGC’s Range Rules:  TGCRules
  3. Download, Read & Sign TGC’s Application:  TGC Membership Application
  4. Download, Read & Sign TGC’s Hold Harmless: TGC_HoldHarmless
  5. Watch our safety and range rules video: (required) Click here
  6. Download Read & Sign TGC’s Range Safety Video Affidavit: safety affidavit
  7. Contact a TGC Officer (email and phone list on the contact page)

TGC Dues:

The dues for NEW members are $175 for the first year plus $5 key deposit = Total$180 first year.
Renewal dues are just $75 for each year after.
Former members will be charged the full new member dues if you let your membership lapse for 365 days or more.

Membership Mailing Address:

Texarkana Gun Club
P.O. Box 524
New Boston, Texas 75570