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Steel Challenge Information

You’re invited to join the fun starting Saturday, March 10, 2012 as TGC embarks on a fun-for-the-whole-family match known world-wide as the Steel Challenge. The Steel Challenge utilizes five steel plates on each stage, with five or six stages per match. Each person shoots five strings of fire at the targets and each string is timed, the slowest time is thrown out, the rest are added up for your total time on that stage. What makes this a family-friendly event is you can use .22 rimfire handguns and even .22 rifles, or you can compete with centerfire handguns as well.

You do not have to be a member of the gun club to participate in the match; Range Officers will be on hand at each stage to ensure all participants and spectators safety. If you’re new to the shooting sports, this is the match to get you started.

Gates will be open at 9am, match starts at 10am and will be held on the second Saturday of each month, weather permitting. Match fees are $10 for Non-Members, and $5 for Members, check or cash only, sorry no credit cards. Participants will need approximately 150 rounds of ammunition, figuring a perfect stage would be 25 rounds, and there are 5 stages. Semi-autos should have at least 5 magazines for quick loading between strings of fire. Revolvers need to have quick reload capabilities too, like moon clips, speed loaders, etc. Eye and ear protection are required for competitors and spectators as well.

Handgun classifications will be rimfire, rimfire with optic, revolver, revolver with optic, centerfire iron sights and centerfire open class.

The Texarkana Gun Club also hosts IPSC/USPSA matches on the first Saturday of the month from March through October, and Rifle Matches on the third Saturday. Now TGC is “bangin’ and clangin’ in 2012 with the Steel Challenge, come join us at the Texarkana Gun Club.

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Match Director: Jay Tucker