Rifle Shooters, Saturday Compromise = Good News For You

The first Saturday of each month, except January, is always a USPSA match, second Saturday always a Steel Match, and since that normally means the rifle range is closed during match times, that sure makes it difficult for rifle shooters that may need a little trigger time early on a Saturday morning. Well, your USPSA and Steel Challenge Match Directors are working out a compromise when they can by not using the Woods Bay during specific matches this will allow rifle range use even though a pistol match is going on as well. » Read more

Pepper Poppers For Membership to Use In Bay 1

Jim Taylor wanted to let everyone know that some Pepper Popper steel targets have been left in Bay 1 for membership use.

Some safety rules regarding the use of Poppers or any steel for that matter:

  1. Always shoot at steel from a distance of at least 10 yards. (30 feet)
  2. Please do not move the steel from Bay 1 or around within Bay 1. Leave it where it is and engage it from the shooting box is safest.
  3. Of course, always wear eye protection when shooting, that’s a club rule. It is especially important when shooting steel. Make sure everyone in your group is wearing eye and ear protection before engaging any steel, plate racks, poppers, etc.

Shoot safely and enjoy the poppers.


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